What does quarrantine mean?

Can you move around in a private group? Do you have to stay in a hotel all of the time?

From the Corona Advisory Board via email regarding Quaratine & Re-testing.

Travellers ARE allowed to travel to a settlement (or place with no testing capabilities) as their destination, however the quarantine extends to 14 days instead of 5 days, as there is no possibility for re-testing.

Travellers must monitor symptoms during these 14 days and CALL (not visit) to the nearest health station if symptoms occur. If no symptoms occur, quarantine ends after the 14 days have elapsed.

Another question:
Have you got any thoughts on what quarantine means to a tourist?

I assume, they are not allowed to go on boattrips, museums, kaffimik at peoples houses, cafés, restaurants, etc.

But I guess they can go shopping, pick up take away food, go hiking, rent a car/bike/qajaq/etc., they can stay at hotels and other accommodations…

But can they go on a charter boat trip? Are they allowed to hire a guide? Can they go on a guided hike?

Can you travel internally in Greenland after arrival?

Isn’t it possible for a tourist to go to Greenland, go hiking for 4-5 days, take a test, and then go on doing whatever tourist normally do (assuming the test to be negative).